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“There is a kind of lingering snobbery in the literary world that wants to exclude nonfiction from the classification of literature—to suggest that somehow it lacks artistry, or imagination, or invention by comparison to fiction. The mentality is akin to the prejudice that long held photography at bay in the visual-art world.”
Philip Gourevitch on why nonfiction deserves a Nobel (via newyorker)

(via newyorker)

“Fall is here and now the leaves will change color.”
— Ten Word Story #59 (via tenwordstories)

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The #before. #dinner #delicious #fatkid #cooking #buffalochicken #foodie @laurakate82


Anonymous asked:

I want a tattoo soo badly and I've finally saved up enough $ but I'm also super scared of regretting it later. It's at the point where I feel sick thinking I won't do it, and sick thinking I will. How did you decide? Do you have any tips for me??



I have so many tips for you!!!!

Listen. I’ve had a few things covered up, but even those I don’t regret in the least. These tattoos are all representative of the people I have been over the years. I look at them and don’t judge them in the NOW, I enjoy them for the THEN. Even my horrible kanji tattoo, I accept that I was clueless, utterly and completely. Don’t worry too much, ok? 

Get something that you’ve been interested in for a long time. Something that is not transient. That is my only advice. I made some really bad tattoo decisions when I was all cracked out, but cover ups have come a long way. My favorite tattoo is always the last one I got. That’s just how it goes. ;)

If you’d like to share the design ideas and get feedback, that’s cool yaknow. I wouldn’t ever get Mickey Mouse on me, but for someone who fucking loves Mickey Mouse I’d just suggest finding an artist who’s portfolio will do that idea justice. That’s really the MOST important thing, ok?

Ok. :)

“She was like a diamond that had been dropped. Still beautiful, still radiant, but ultimately, broken”
— submitted by anonymous (via tenwordstory)